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Paintings motion Design

On this site recently updated, I make available an overview of my work, in a specific moment of its progress. I chose a simple, dynamic presentation, It is necessary to notice the fact that I learnt to code the iade of tutos on a platform of known video, from where certain errors as I am going to correct little by little, while waiting for an update stable. Through my creations I want to question the "results of the propaganda" about consciousnesses and the alive. Question also the system of wild overconsumption which is imposed on us in the profit Elites sauvages.
to soften this capitalist nightmare ultra liberal, in I scale I wonder, I try to glimpse multiple ones resolve collectives, By the continuous education, the knowledge, the culture, the art. We have to rethink a flexible economic activity in balance with people and the biopip(biotop) that is common to us, we can maybe avoid our anéantisement with court to terme.
Although artist of my time(period), I am not in the " sphere of influence of the contemporary art ", I do not become identified with (and lived and paid(poured,overturned). Because this nebula is exceeded(overtaken) by its success, Enslaved(Overcome) by the money(silver), ridiculous by its navel-gazing and its friendly tolerance towards(at the place of) the speculative markets, which destroy the life and abroutissent, Systematically the population through the work, the overconsumption and the "entertainment" I thus join the sphere of influence " Postka " ( capitalist comment) because I believe that the art is also vector of political consciousness in the same way as vector of concepte or poetry and not only an entertainment Playful for an elite eager mondainne. I so allow to outiliser walls (among other things) as a free and infinite medium, to spread(display) and make pour(sink) my disruptive talent =). I explore and also question on the évocative power of the image and the video in the construction of the consent of the masses and their plasticity. To this end I use the mediums of my time(weather), the digital technology: video, smartphone, computers, software of image processing and video without forgetting inescapable(major) pencil, Felt-tip, marker(scorer), chalks and paints(paintings) of every types(chaps)And colors. The recycling and the recovery as well as the autoreduction are at the heart of my subject and of my démarche.



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